Michael Steinberg
Michael Steinberg Photography
14572 Big Basin Way
Saratoga, CA 95070

Dear Mike,

We wanted to thank you for your superb job on our wedding album. When we first met and you showed us a sample album,we commented to each other that that album was more interesting than many of our friends' albums although we didn't even know the people in it. We couldn't wait to see what you could do for us and you far exceeded our expectations. Your "photo journalistic" approach was amazing in capturing the energy and emotion of the day.

You really are the "stealth ninja photographer". You were so unobtrusive that we actually wondered if you were there for most of the day. When we were on our way over to see the proofs for the first time, I commented to Yayoi that I would be impressed if you actually took any pictures, much less good ones. Of course, you managed to capture the day with so much of it's natural excitement, certainly due to the fact that everyone barely noticed you. One friend noticed the many angles from which you captured the ceremony. He asked how many others were working with you and was stunned to hear that it was only you.

The sizing and sequencing of the pictures that you suggested for the album were also excellent. It told a visually pleasing and compelling story as we turned the pages. And thank you for your patience and cooperation in making sure we were completely satisfied with the final product.

The only "problem" with the album is that we feel bad showing it to our married friends. So many of them have painfully boring wedding albums composed almost completely of the requisite posed shots. We know that they will feel terrible when they realize that they could have had an album like ours.

Thanks again,

Joe and Yayoi